This blog is dedicated to the memory of Keith Witmer

Another Year

I never believed it would be five years before I got back to writing again.  A friend criticized the first post and that was it for me.  But to say I’ve changed is an understatement. I’ve learned to let things roll off my shoulders.  Where am I in the “Portia Nelson” poem of falling in the hole.  I’m in Chapter 3.  I still fall in that hole, but now I get out right away.

It has been 8 years since Keith died.  Eternal be his memory.  The pain is still there, it never leaves me.  Every part of every day there is some reminder of Keith, or his absence.  The time between Thanksgiving and this anniversary in February is the worst.  But I go on, there is no other choice.

I’ve learned to distract myself from the never-ending pain. I work at church, we travel, and I’m an artist who has many more projects to do than there is time.  I’ve learned how (most of the time) to stay in the present moment.  Most of all I’ve learned to be grateful for the people around me, for the breath I take, and for the love I have.

I plan to take this blog in a new direction.  The journey I’ve been on has taught me how to deal with pain and grief, how easily we fall in that hole again, and how to get out.  In future posts I plan to share some of those strategies.

So I leave you with this wonderful video on gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg.   You can go to  YouTube and subscribe to his channel.


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